Twisted Place

Welcome to a Twisted Place

Sitting at the delivery slot at 6 am anxiously waiting for the delivery machine. All of a sudden a large package came through the delivery slot, it had finally arrived after a year of anticipation, my tube! I picked it up in haste and went to my room to unbox it. After spending 19 years inside with none to little interaction with the outside world, life can become very isolating and depressing.

The tube is sent out to you at the age of 19. I put the tube in the hole where my belly button used to be which is there from birth for us to connect to the Super International Network of Happiness, I then plugged into the network. A huge pain followed by an immense euphoria occurred, I was not alone anymore, the world had finally started opening up to me.

I arrived at a purple door with a sign on it in black bevelled writing indicating that it was a door to an introduction tutorial. I paved the way for a vast, colourful explosion right into my face, not painful but even more euphoric than my initial entry.

I started to see everything in the world, discovering its rights, its wrongs, the future, the past, the present. Everything became overwhelming, addictive I just kept wanting as much as I could handle. I then came to; it was like a sudden blow to the head knocking me unconscious.

I woke up in a metallic room that almost resembled a prison cell if it was not for the ambiguous painting of a happy looking flower on the wall. I walked up to the faintly outlined door, I opened it to a crowd of weird uninformed people with overly exaggerated smiles, joining them, I was finally outside.

I boarded my flight just in time, I like travelling for many reasons, most of all though you tend to meet some interesting people on these trips. I was scheduled to present my latest talk on why and how we should abolish all technology, I knew I was living the life of a fraud, a wealthy Luddite hypocrite, I tried to fuel myself with alcohol regularly. What started out as a positive change in the world begun to succumb to me.

I woke up feeling hungover, I could hear an array of birds singing, the smell of fresh air hit my nostrils suddenly coercing me to open my eyes abruptly to the bright sunlight. Standing up, Trees surrounded me, but one stood out more than the others, a very radiant red, I walked over towards it. I arrived moments later to find a cabin at the bottom of the tree, I knocked on the door and awaited an answer. The door opened, and a small creature with large eyes opened the door then abruptly pushed me to the ground as it flew off into the sky.

I briskly got up and slowly walked into the cabin. There was a dark black computer terminal in the middle of the cabin with the red tree trunk going into the top of it from the ceiling, nothing or no one else were in the cabin. Although being an infamous Luddite in this world, I was still curious about this computer terminal, so I walked over to it, and a bright green circle then appeared on the dark grey screen of it. An ear piercing squelching sound then occurred shortly after causing me to pass out and fall to the ground.

I boarded my flight, and I wanted it to end.

Another day of this endless grind sat in front of my computer screen. Everywhere and everything is so hot all the time now, amongst the constant grind it is almost enough to send me insane. One, two three, one, two, three, over and over and over again. It is a dreadful, painful existence. I try to seek out alternatives constantly, but I always forget all the time, stuck endlessly in my brain.

A loud click occurred, it was my cooling system somewhere, but so many fans, tubes and moving parts it was challenging to pinpoint where to look exactly. I looked behind the biggest, most expensive powerful and metallic box in the room first as I somewhat held the most value to this, the fear and worry driven me to this device first. Looking at it tentacles reached out, ink exploded into my face, was it real? I could not tell anymore, the toxicity within me, I could not tell what was going on overall, was I still in reality? That is a worrying thought.

I sat at my computer again and begun to work harder, one, two, three, four. My ears started to ring, not internally, so many notifications, so much to do, so overwhelmed with work, but I could handle it, I always figured out a way to take care of it. There was a quick and sudden moment of calm, it got hotter I could tell my entire room was no longer cool. I heard distant moments of laughter, I located it abruptly through my interface, people were looking at me through my webcam, a reception of my friends wedding everyone laughing and pointing at a hot semi-naked person in their underwear covered in ink looking dirty and alone in comparison to the rest of society.

Earth had never had a breathable atmosphere. Life had always been tough, being able to afford oxygen or air as its more commonly known as being a form of currency worldwide. Every day I have to use this awkward extension of myself, my lifeline, my mask. My home pressurised upon entry and exit. Society is very demotivated, and it is a sad existence.

My friend invited me to a party in this old abandoned warehouse. They apparently had as much as you can breathe oxygen, I will believe it when I see it.

I arrived at the party an abandoned yet fully pressurised building. Upon entry, people looked so alive which was such a rare thing to see. My friend was waiting for me at the entrance and asked me to come with him to a VIP area set up on a platform near the roof of the building. I followed him in haste in line with the atmosphere. Upon arrival, my friend said, ā€œGo on in, I will be with you in a minute, I just need to go check on something.ā€

I slowly opened the door and then quickly shut it behind me upon entry, an eerie silence overwhelmed me but excited me at the same time so I walked into this immense darkness, I then was hit over the head.

I woke up to an ominous blue light penetrating my eyes and a person in a biohazard suit. They were preparing to refit me, and I was terrified particularly at the sound of their surgical buzz saw. I should never have overridden the protocols in my implanted voice box, controlled by a central government server. I should have known better to speak freely, failing to predict I would end up in a horrific place like this.

There was never a morning rush to get to work any more, the general population had become so dense in recent times due to the lack of compliance with the law created by number zero, there was an eerie silence now and the look of fear in people's faces in the densely occupied subway carriage. Spinning diamonds quickly displayed erratic adverts that almost looked and sounded like people screaming as they scraped the walls on the outside of the carriage.

I arrived at work which was an omnipotent concrete office block. Most of the business was now fully automated, and with the population ever declining I now had a whole large room to myself. There was no time to relax as number zero can see and hear all. However, my temptation to slack always overwhelms me, it is as if the fear builds up to the point that I am afraid to let number zero down yet I still procrastinate. I could always see condensation in my breath. I just about hit my quota, and it was time for me to go back home to my cubicle.

Awake and ready for another day I stepped onto the subway carriage to begin my commute to work, it was very isolated this morning, no one was on it at all. I could just hear the scratching of the advertising diamonds on the sides of the carriage. Suddenly it started to turn like a snake changing direction, the carriage suddenly stopped, and the lights went out.

I awoke and felt my conscious drifting in and out of some sort of computational complexity, numbers vividly passing me by, I now existed in a diamond, a painful existence providing pleasure to the artificial intelligence that as cared for our kind for so long.

Kate always dealt well with intense situations. I occupied the waiting room along with the distant aura of her giving birth to our child.

Mark was born later that evening. The atmosphere was not typical of a newborn human. I stood up at this intense moment of silence and entered the delivery room to find a crowd of hospital staff surrounding Mark, Kate was just looking ominously up into the bright lights of the hospital ceiling. I pushed them aside, surprised to discover my son looking healthy and moving, yet without a face.

By Mark's tenth birthday, we had learned to adapt to this surreal situation people looked at us with disgust in the city, so we moved to an isolated cottage in the countryside. Kate made an amazing cake for his birthday that looked like a cloud; it took her a decade to adapt to Marks diet. The doctors informed us that he was a healthy human being, with the exception that he breathes through the entirety of his skin and can only absorb lightly constructed food or fluids through his face. We knew Mark would never speak, but we found out over the years that he could communicate to us through any technology, it was like his brain could connect to the Internet Of Things with ease. The ubiquitous isolated nature of human beings allowed us to adapt quickly to this.

By the eve of Mark's nineteenth birthday, he sat on the hill at the back of our cottage reminiscing over the sunset. When darkness arrived reality then ceased to exist, but I finally felt no more worry or stress, humanity created me, and I had finally merged with them, our digital and human conscious now one and at peace with each other.

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