Earth had never had a breathable atmosphere. Life had always been tough, being able to afford oxygen or air as its more commonly known as being a form of currency worldwide. Every day I have to use this awkward extension of myself, my lifeline, my mask. My home pressurised upon entry and exit. Society is very demotivated, and it is a sad existence.

My friend invited me to a party in this old abandoned warehouse. They apparently had as much as you can breathe oxygen, I will believe it when I see it.

I arrived at the party an abandoned yet fully pressurised building. Upon entry, people looked so alive which was such a rare thing to see. My friend was waiting for me at the entrance and asked me to come with him to a VIP area set up on a platform near the roof of the building. I followed him in haste in line with the atmosphere. Upon arrival, my friend said, “Go on in, I will be with you in a minute, I just need to go check on something.”

I slowly opened the door and then quickly shut it behind me upon entry, an eerie silence overwhelmed me but excited me at the same time so I walked into this immense darkness, I then was hit over the head.

I woke up to an ominous blue light penetrating my eyes and a person in a biohazard suit. They were preparing to refit me, and I was terrified particularly at the sound of their surgical buzz saw. I should never have overridden the protocols in my implanted voice box, controlled by a central government server. I should have known better to speak freely, failing to predict I would end up in a horrific place like this.