There was never a morning rush to get to work any more, the general population had become so dense in recent times due to the lack of compliance with the law created by number zero, there was an eerie silence now and the look of fear in people's faces in the densely occupied subway carriage. Spinning diamonds quickly displayed erratic adverts that almost looked and sounded like people screaming as they scraped the walls on the outside of the carriage.

I arrived at work which was an omnipotent concrete office block. Most of the business was now fully automated, and with the population ever declining I now had a whole large room to myself. There was no time to relax as number zero can see and hear all. However, my temptation to slack always overwhelms me, it is as if the fear builds up to the point that I am afraid to let number zero down yet I still procrastinate. I could always see condensation in my breath. I just about hit my quota, and it was time for me to go back home to my cubicle.

Awake and ready for another day I stepped onto the subway carriage to begin my commute to work, it was very isolated this morning, no one was on it at all. I could just hear the scratching of the advertising diamonds on the sides of the carriage. Suddenly it started to turn like a snake changing direction, the carriage suddenly stopped, and the lights went out.

I awoke and felt my conscious drifting in and out of some sort of computational complexity, numbers vividly passing me by, I now existed in a diamond, a painful existence providing pleasure to the artificial intelligence that as cared for our kind for so long.