Another day of this endless grind sat in front of my computer screen. Everywhere and everything is so hot all the time now, amongst the constant grind it is almost enough to send me insane. One, two three, one, two, three, over and over and over again. It is a dreadful, painful existence. I try to seek out alternatives constantly, but I always forget all the time, stuck endlessly in my brain.

A loud click occurred, it was my cooling system somewhere, but so many fans, tubes and moving parts it was challenging to pinpoint where to look exactly. I looked behind the biggest, most expensive powerful and metallic box in the room first as I somewhat held the most value to this, the fear and worry driven me to this device first. Looking at it tentacles reached out, ink exploded into my face, was it real? I could not tell anymore, the toxicity within me, I could not tell what was going on overall, was I still in reality? That is a worrying thought.

I sat at my computer again and begun to work harder, one, two, three, four. My ears started to ring, not internally, so many notifications, so much to do, so overwhelmed with work, but I could handle it, I always figured out a way to take care of it. There was a quick and sudden moment of calm, it got hotter I could tell my entire room was no longer cool. I heard distant moments of laughter, I located it abruptly through my interface, people were looking at me through my webcam, a reception of my friends wedding everyone laughing and pointing at a hot semi-naked person in their underwear covered in ink looking dirty and alone in comparison to the rest of society.