I boarded my flight just in time. I like travelling for many reasons, most of all though you tend to meet some interesting people on these trips. I was scheduled to present my latest talk on why and how we should abolish all technology. I knew I was living the life of a fraud, a wealthy Luddite hypocrite. I tried to fuel myself with alcohol regularly. What started out as a positive change in the world began to succumb to me.

I woke up feeling hungover, and I could hear an array of birds singing. The smell of fresh air hit my nostrils, suddenly coercing me to open my eyes abruptly to the bright sunlight. Standing up, Trees surrounded me, but one stood out more than the others, a very radiant red. I walked over towards it. I arrived moments later to find a cabin at the bottom of the tree. I knocked on the door and awaited an answer. The door opened, and a small creature with large eyes opened the door then abruptly pushed me to the ground as it flew off into the sky.

I briskly got up and slowly walked into the cabin. There was a dark black computer terminal in the middle of the place with the red tree trunk going into its top from the ceiling. Nothing or no one else was in the cabin. Although being an infamous Luddite in this world, I was still curious about this computer terminal, so I walked over to it. A bright green circle then appeared on its dark grey screen. An ear-piercing squelching sound then occurred shortly after, causing me to pass out and fall to the ground.

I boarded my flight, and I wanted it to end.