Sitting at the delivery slot at 6 am anxiously waiting for the delivery machine. All of a sudden a large package came through the delivery slot, it had finally arrived after a year of anticipation, my tube! I picked it up in haste and went to my room to unbox it. After spending 19 years inside with none to little interaction with the outside world, life can become very isolating and depressing.

The tube is sent out to you at the age of 19. I put the tube in the hole where my belly button used to be which is there from birth for us to connect to the Super International Network of Happiness, I then plugged into the network. A huge pain followed by an immense euphoria occurred, I was not alone anymore, the world had finally started opening up to me.

I arrived at a purple door with a sign on it in black bevelled writing indicating that it was a door to an introduction tutorial. I paved the way for a vast, colourful explosion right into my face, not painful but even more euphoric than my initial entry.

I started to see everything in the world, discovering its rights, its wrongs, the future, the past, the present. Everything became overwhelming, addictive I just kept wanting as much as I could handle. I then came to; it was like a sudden blow to the head knocking me unconscious.

I woke up in a metallic room that almost resembled a prison cell if it was not for the ambiguous painting of a happy looking flower on the wall. I walked up to the faintly outlined door, I opened it to a crowd of weird uninformed people with overly exaggerated smiles, joining them, I was finally outside.